Wear Art Met Fashion: Art & Fashion's Relationship curated by abpearsonal

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  • 20 artifacts on display [view all]
    Dadaism and Modern ArtAbstract Expressionism and Action PaintingSymbolism and Art Nouveau
    Alexander McQueen: Savage BeautyDe Stijl and Neo-Plasticism MovementPop Art
    Fashion’s definition as an art has been widely debated over the past century. Yet, the two realms have become more and more intertwined over time as designers continually look to masters of the past for inspiration. While fashion is rooted in historical art movements, art similarly looks to fashion as a form of expression. This virtual gallery bridges a gap, connecting designers and artists as one in the same: both talented creators of unique and different “works of art.” Regardless of the divergence from traditional mediums, fashion is yet another creative outlet and mode for self-expression rooted in history, culture, and emotion. Fashion is most definitely, an art.

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